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24 Hour Vet Services on the Gold Coast

Animal Emergency Service provides a number of emergency vet hospital locations across Brisbane, The Gold Coast, and The Sunshine Coast. We deliver critical care for animals who require after hours vet attention and give general advice to owners who are worried about the health of their pets. As a team of highly trained and driven professionals, our veterinary clinics endeavour to provide nothing short of the most comprehensive, quality based care available to locals.

Vets who specialise in emergency and critical care

Differently to most other vet clinics, AES is focused on providing treatment to critically ill and injured animals regardless of what time of day or night they need help. We are proud to be a 24 hr vet practice, not only because it allows other vets in the Gold Coast to enjoy their personal time, but because it gives locals peace of mind knowing that we are only a phone call or a visit away if their dog, cat, bird, Guinea Pig or other pet falls sick.

As a pet hospital dedicated to continually improving our skills and reaching new goals, all of our emergency vet professionals are comprehensively trained and experienced in the most up to date methods of animal care and treatment currently available. We are proud have a team of highly motivated vets on the Gold Coast who are constantly working to improve not only the procedures and disciplines used in our own vet hospital, but in practices similar to ours across the country.

When to take your pet to the animal hospital

It can sometimes be hard to tell when your pet needs to be taken to a 24 hour vet for assessment and treatment, which is why we always encourage owners to adopt the mind-set of ‘better safe than sorry’. If you notice that your animal is acting unlike themselves in any way, or if they are exhibiting concerning behaviours such as vomiting, seizures or trouble urinating, we always recommend that you take them to one of your local veterinary clinics or, if it is after hours vet you need, to our pet hospital in Carrara, Tanawha, Underwood or Noosaville.

Call us for general advice

As a 24 hr vet service, you can visit your nearest AES animal hospital at any time to receive first class services from our professionals. Alternatively, our staff are always happy to answer important questions or concerns over the phone.

Call our Gold Coast location on 07 5559 1599 or find out which of our vet clinics is closest to you by clicking here.