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After Hours Veterinary Clinics & Animal Emergency Services in Brisbane
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Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance to go behind the scenes of a 24-hour Emergency & Specialist Animal Hospital. Our teams at Animal Emergency Service and Veterinary Specialist Services Jindalee are so excited to open our clinic doors to the pet loving families of Brisbane.  On October 28th from 11am-3pm we will be hosting […]

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The importance of keeping your pet a healthy weight With winter finally finishing up, there is always a general consensus that the population always carries a few extra kilos come the end of the season, and in 2005, researchers from the School of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney found this to be true […]

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Brisbane’s Newest Animal Emergency Service at JINDALEE Saves beloved Brisbane Terrier ‘Ruffus’  

Ruffus – the much-loved Lakeland Terrier of Brisbane was the first patient seen at our newest clinic located in Western Brisbane at Jindalee. Ruffus was transferred to the Jindalee clinic from his regular vet in Brisbane’s West to our new purpose built emergency hospital. A VERY SPECIAL FIRST At Animal Emergency Service, it is always […]

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WINTER WARMER IDEAS – Keeping your pet warm this winter

With winter announcing its presence with some chilly mornings, we are really starting to feel it. It’s important to remember that our four legged friends can get a bit chilly too! Whilst we can easily pop on a jumper, wack on our trusty Ugg boots or snuggle up to the fire, sometimes our furry friends […]

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Greyhounds – A life after racing

Last year – 2016, appeared to be year of the greyhound. Anti racing bills trying to pass through the senate, trainers getting arrested and charged for animal cruelty and many small defenceless animals that were used for live baiting being released free. Now it’s 2017 and the question lingers – what happens to all the greyhounds? Greyhounds […]

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What it means to Australian pets and their owners By Ashleigh Ehrmann PARVOVIRUS – A highly infection virus that even mentioning the name,  rattles most pet owners. Is it any wonder that the recent news dominating the media mentioning a new strain of the disease is causing distress in the pet owner community? For the first […]

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As we brace ourselves and make plans for a fun filled easter weekend, let’s make sure a trip the veterinary emergency unit isn’t part of that plan. Easter poses many threats to our furry friends in the form of delicious but deadly treats including chocolate and raisins. Easter means chocolate in any language. It has […]

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Don’t forget your pet these school holidays – Here are some ideas the team at Animal Emergency Service has put together for you. We spend nearly every day with our four legged children, walking them, feeding them and caring for them. Pet ownership in Australia is among one of the highest worldwide and they are […]

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DANGEROUS HOUSEHOLD HIDING PLACES – More common than you think

By Dr. Clare Peterson Being decedents of desert animals, cats exhibit heat seeking behaviours as they are hard-wired to  thrive in more toasty climates. These behaviours include seeking out that one patch of sun to stretch out in, crawling onto their owners comfy lap or seeking out the heat vent in the house to wrap […]

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Recruitment Opportunity – Emergency & Critical Care Veterinarians

We are currently accepting applications for full time, part time or casual Veterinarians seeking work on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast.The Animal Emergency Service (AES) operates emergency practices in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Our hospitals are equipped with digital X-Ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, full laboratory and on site access to CT and […]

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