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Danielle Hindmarsh


Danielle is pretty sure it was 2012 when she first told her mother delivering cows was all she wanted to do in life. She has since expanded her repertoire, but her love of animals remains strong. She started working in a vet practice when she was 14 years old and has been with the AES team for 2 years.

Danielle loves all aspects of working in emergency medicine and she is quite involved in animal welfare and works hard to ensure every animal is awarded the care they deserve. She is also a wildlife carer so it's advisable to always check her pockets as there's a chance a cute possum is tucked away staying warm, and a member of the Australian Veterinary Association.

In her spare time, Danielle likes sport. Dancing and touch football take up most of her spare time beyond work and completing her veterinary science degree at University of Queensland.

Danielle has two bull steers at home, 'Victa' and 'Rover'. They're 2 years old and Danielle is pretty sure they think they are dogs.