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Dr David Hall


BVSc BSc (Hons)

Dr David Hall became a veterinarian because he was passionate about animals. He grew up fascinated with all animals and cared for a wide variety of pets and wild life in his childhood. He developed a love of biology and science and was determined to incorporate both his passions into a fulfilling career.

David has a Bachelor of Science majoring in microbiology with Honors in immunology and completed his Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2013 from the University of Queensland. His career kicked off with an internship at Veterinary Specialist Services and he hasn't looked back since. After a year learning from specialists and developing his skills in best practice veterinary medicine, David commenced with Animal Emergency Service. "I'm loving the chance to further develop my skills and experience in emergency medicine while working with some of the best, most experienced and dedicated vets in Qld."

"The ability to enjoy any form of work so often starts with the environment nurtured by the leaders of the institution. AES have created a positive, save, well supported work environment which takes some of the stress off tackling emergency medicine. The opportunity to develop my skills in such a great team environment with such great vets is why I love working for AES."

David has a Golden Retriever named 'Ollie'. "He's very bouncy and doesn't realise he is not a puppy anymore."