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Dr David Woolaston



For Dr David Woolaston there was no other choice for a career. It was become a vet or bust! He has been working in small animal hospitals since 2009 with a focus on emergency medicine for the last 3 and a half years.

He completed an externship with Taronga Zoo. Further to that he collated the James Cook University diagnostic imaging database, has experience with a German Anatomy Institute and is a wildlife rescuer.

David is interested in all areas of emergency medicine, in particular diagnostic imaging, exotics and patients requiring critical care. He enjoys being an AES Veterinarian, "because we have a great team of enthusiastic and experienced vets in one of the best facilities in Australia. The 24 hour ICU is phenomenal."

In his spare time, he enjoys trampolining, travel and outdoor sports - anything that allows him to keep active and a good appetite.