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Kim Anderson


Cert IV Vet Nursing

From a young age, working with animals was all Kim wanted to do. She feels it is her calling rather than a career as she has a strong affinity and connection to animals. She also witnessed some cruelty growing up and swore that one she was old enough, an animal would never be hurt in her presence again.

Kim started her career as a vet nurse in the late 1980s. Working in the large animal country practice offered so much diversity and opportunity to learn on the job. She is thankful for Graeme Lean's guidance and teaching during the years she worked with him, as well as Brad Sultmann for furthering the experience and striving for excellence in customer care. Kim was part of the first team of nurses and vets to open Sunshine Coast Pet ER - now known as AES Tanawha.

With her passion for wildlife, Kim has kept herself busy on the Wilvos (Wildlife Volunteers) steering committee and time with Raptor Rehabilitation. Kim's greatest wish is to combine her interests in animals, journalism and photography to shed light on awful animal cruelty so she can help educate people and bring about changes. She currently runs her own freelance business and is the Vice President and Administrator of a local Tourism Organisation. When she gets precious 'downtime', Kim likes to spend time with her family and her horse in the country or having playtime with her dogs at the beach.

"From as early as I can remember, I've always had a menagerie but right now, I share my life with two dogs, a cat, a horse and some crazy fish. Chase is an 8yrs old Shetland Sheepdog who truly believes that his constant 'talking' is understood by all around him. Shiloh is the quintessential 'little white fluffy' dog. Her breeding is a mixture of Maltese/Silky Terrier/Lhasa Apso, but she is definitely not a spoilt lapdog. 7yrs old, she's boisterious, entertaining, bossy and the first one to roll in something awful - usually when I've just washed her lovely white coat! Then there's Blackie - the now 17yrs old black Tonkinese cat, who was rescued from death row at 1yr old and STILL rules the neighbourhood. His quirks in life include playing soccer with my kids, bashing up bees and breaking my young son's heart by NOT growing into the full-sized Panther that he looks like a miniature of! Last but not least, my Paint Horse 'Prince' - another rescue adoption, he's 23yrs old and is quite simply, my soul food. Wise and gentle, he always has a calming influence on me and I spend as much time in his presence as life allows."