Sherry-Leigh Crowley


Cert IV Vet Nursing

Sherry-Leigh was born in Africa and through her life she has had a passion to work with animals. She was forever bringing home sick or stray animals to be nursed and loved back to health. It was given she would work towards a career working with animals.

Sherry-Leigh obtained her qualifications in the Northern Territory and her career has taken her far and wide. She has worked in London, Cairns, Townsville and is now based on the Sunshine Coast with a career of over 11 years working as a veterinary nurse.

"I love assisting with c-sections and working with puppies and kittens." She also enjoys the challenges of working in emergency veterinary medicine and continually studies to keep up to date with the skills required to work in the industry. As a side note, Sherry-Leigh has also studied to be a Paramedic.

Sherry-Leigh works with local pounds and has worked for an animal charity in Spain. In her spare time she enjoys surfing, sailing, hiking and reading good books.

"My cat's name is 'Shumbi'. In a local African language, Shumba means lion and she is my little lion. She's a Burmese I rescued, and I love her very much. She loves to sleep under the covers with me while I read a good book."

* Sherry-Leigh's photo is taken with an AES patient Toffee Younger. Thank you to Toffee's family for allowing the use of this photo.