It can be hard to keep your pet contained on days where it’s hot, especially if there is no shade in your backyard or worse, you’re cooped up inside all day. This hack is good for both indoors and outdoors and helps keep both you and your doggy entertained! Maybe you can even capture the moment as a video on your phone. 

What you’ll need: 
  • Space to set up a trail of treats 
  • Dog biscuits or dry dog food pieces 
  • A towel 
  • Water 
  • Doggy bowl with water (optional) 

Step one: Hideaway from your dog in an area where you have a bit of space and they can’t follow you. It’s important to note that they will eventually be relaxing in this area with you, so use a space in the backyard or inside where it’s safe and you’re happy for your pet to roam free. If you don’t have an area to hide away, get someone to occupy your curious pooch while you’re setting up his trail. 

Step two: Set up the final destination first by wetting a towel and placing it on the floor to make a bed. This marks the place your dog will be relaxing to cool down, and the wet towel will help to bring body temperature down. Place your dog’s water bowl next to the towel for extra hydration. If doing this outside, ensure the towel is placed in a cool, shaded area. 

Step three: Use your dog biscuits or dry dog food pieces and set out a trail on the floor from your final destination to your dog. Place a treat every few steps for him to follow. Make sure you film it and tell us how it went!


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