We love to play with puppies here at the AES. There is nothing better than seeing our best friends grow up with their curious nature and playful antics. Nine-month-old Leo the French Bulldog is no different to any other puppy we’ve had the opportunity to meet – except Leo got a little too friendly with a chew toy!

Leo was rushed to Animal Emergency Service Tanawha after a pink rubber chew toy became lodged deep in his throat. As it was on a Saturday and his regular vet was closed, Leo’s owners knew AES would be there to help.

By the time they reached the hospital, Leo was in severe respiratory distress. The chew toy was lodged so far down Leo’s throat that he could barely breathe. The Vets rushed him out the back where Dr. Neil gave Leo oxygen therapy to assist him to be able to breathe. Leo went under anaesthesia so that Dr. Neil was able to examine his airways.

After some time, Dr Neil was able to see the chew toy in question and remove it from the back of the tiny Frenchy’s throat. This was a lucky escape: the only thing allowing Leo to breathe was that the toy was turned on its side, fortunately allowing small amounts of air to pass through the middle of the toy. Thankfully, Leo recovered well from his close call and went home that afternoon.

You can guarantee that Leo the French Bulldog will still be the curious pup that he is, but after scaring his mum & dad, he won’t be getting smaller chew toys again! It’s a common theme we see here at AES – even though chew toys look big and may seem appropriate, you can count on dogs (especially young puppies) to find a way to tear it apart and gobble it up.


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