A miniature salt and pepper Schnauzer was victim to a traumatic bite with a horrible twist. By constricting the bodies, pythons are capable of killing their victims via asphyxiation in a matter of minutes. Leonidas (affectionately known as Leo) was lucky to escape the clutches of a hungry Kenmore Hills python one March morning thanks to the quick thinking of his owner Nikhil. At just three months old, this tiny pup had a very lucky escape!


Found almost strangled to death with puncture wounds to his swollen right forelimb, Leo was immediately admitted to Jindalee AES.

Dr Deeanna Ho performed x-rays and began IV fluids. Surprisingly (and thankfully!) Leo suffered no significant abnormalities or trauma to his abdomen and thoracic (chest area). However just to be safe, he was hospitalised for the day for monitoring, wounds cleaned and treated with antibiotics and pain relief.

Dr Ho also prescribed unlimited cuddles, toys and an iPhone to soothe him with the relaxing sounds of Adele. He even managed to text his owners once he was feeling better! We really love to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible during what is often such a stressful time for them.

Leo was discharged later that same day. Three weeks later and he is good as gold. Hopefully Leo’s breakfast is less eventful from now on!

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