Emergency Animal Hospital Fees

Animal Emergency Service receives no government funding. Our continuing operation is totally financed from fees invoiced to clients. Fees are determined by the costs of keeping vets, nurses and receptionists up all night to look after pets, and the cost of maintaining the hospital and equipment to deal with every possible emergency.

Unfortunately because there is no time to prepare for an emergency, it can be financially as well as emotionally stressful when a terrible accident occurs to your pet on a Sunday night or public holiday. Your consulting veterinarian will provide the most accurate estimate possible of the costs of treatment, and will work through any alternative treatments with you at the time.

Payment is expected at the time of consultation, and if your pet requires admission to hospital the vet will ask you for an initial deposit with payment in full to be made at the time of discharge.


An emergency consultation fee will apply and consultations occurring on public holidays will attract a public holiday surcharge. Please note, this does not cover any additional treatment that may be required.

We have two payment plans (Vetpay, and GEM Visa) available for approved applicants if necessary. Please note – GEM Visa is not available at the Carrara clinic.

We strongly recommend pet insurance to everyone who owns a pet. These policies can give peace of mind, limiting your worry to medical and not financial matters if your pet requires intensive treatment.