Alanah McGrath

Cert IV Vet Nursing


Alanah has grown up with a huge love for all animals and the will to want to help them and be surrounded by them. She has always wanted to be that person to be there for them while they are unwell and help them on their road to recovery and make them as comfortable as possible.

She started vet nursing in 2013 (she thinks) at a general practice in Noosaville. Before that, she worked at a cattery and also did some volunteer work at the RSPCA.

She’s particularly passionate about challenging medical patients that need a lot of TLC. She’s also very passionate and interested in working with wildlife and has a deep interest in surgery… She loves it all! Alanah also loves fostering and hand rearing animals such as neonatal kittens.

Not knowing how each shift is going to happen is very interesting to her. She says you need to be ready for whatever comes through the door. Having an emergency critical patient come in, working on it throughout the night and then discharging it in the morning is a very honourable feeling. She finds the team at AES so supportive of each other and that it’s there to help whenever you need. Having a wide variety of diagnostic equipment and up to date training means that they can offer patients the highest level of care.

When she’s not working with AES, she’s spending time with my dog Koda taking him to the beach or out on adventures. Socialising with friends, reading and she loves relaxing watching a good movie.

Alanah has a dog called Koda who is about 5 years old. He is a rotti X kelpie. She adopted him when he was 1.5 years old when his previous owners no longer wanted him. He had spent a bit of time at an animal shelter so is very needy and has a bit of separation anxiety but she loves him to bits. We spend every day going to the beach and then snuggling in bed. He is absolutely addicted to swimming and if there is any still water such as a dam he will swim around in circles for hours on end making a yapping noise, she has never seen anything like it. He is her best friend and she couldn’t imagine life without him. She also has a cat named Binkley who is a 6 – almost 7-year-old grey DMH. He has a huge personality and is the biggest smooch there is. No matter who you are and whether you want a cuddle or not – he will climb on to your lap and demand attention. He gets along very well with Koda but is definitely the boss. He will often steal Kodas large dog bed and make Koda sleep on the hard floor beside him. She also has a coastal carpet python named ‘Biggie”. Last but not least is her Scaly Breasted Lorikeet ‘Lenny” who rules the house. He has a cage big enough for a cockatoo but still prefers to have the freedom of the whole house. He will often be hopping around the house following her around. He gets along very well with the dog and they will often both be hanging out together on the couch with her.