Ali Stewart

BEd, Diploma in management, Cert IV in assessment & workplace trainer, Cert IV in training and assessment, Cert II Environment sustainable workplaces

Practice Manager

Ali has multiple years of management experience and provides leadership that fosters a positive environment of support and encouragement for all staff to enable the development of high performing teams focussing on the achievement of the organisational critical success factor.

Ali started working with AES in 2017 and is most passionate about the particular areas of health and wellbeing of the AES staff, patients, and clients in care. Ali is dedicated and committed to servicing the community providing outstanding animal emergency and critical care to the AES patients in a time of need.

When Ali is not working, she enjoys time with her two beautiful girls, likes to exercise, riding horses, reading books and cooking. Ali is the proud owner of a Kelpie dog (Scout), a Pomeranian dog (Cashmere) and multiple horses.