Dr. Calvin Lai



Dr. Calvin Lai was born in Hong Kong. He had two cats when he was young, Mui Mui(younger sister) and Tai Wong(Big Yellow Cat). Calvin’s dream to become a vet started when he was young. His family moved to Los Angeles when he was 15 where he finished his high school in Covina, California and his first degree in University of California Santa Cruz.

Later, Dr. Calvin Lai went back to Hong Kong to work as a vet nurse in a small animal clinic and shelter but Dr. Calvin Lai’s passion is still being a Vet, so he came to the University of Queensland for his second degree. Shortly after graduating, Lai started with the Animal Emergency Services where has been shadowing every weekend on top of his regular weekday placement during his final year of Vet study.

Calvin loves photography and computer programing as a hobby. In his free time he also enjoys spending time with “Woo woo”, a 2yo female DSH. named after “woof woof” – the dog barking sound in Chinese who likes to follow people around and lick people’s face.