Dr Fraser Brown



Dr Fraser Brown has always been passionate about helping animals – for him it’s the love and joy that they give out to others that really fuels the work he does. A Veterinarian at our Underwood clinic, Fraser was drawn to emergency medicine through his love for surgery and the variety of medicine cases that come through the door. For Fraser, the emergency environment gives great variability and the chance to gain solid experience across many aspects of emergency surgery and medicine. 

Fraser says that some of the most thrilling and enjoyable cases he works with are often caesarean cases: “It’s such an amazing experience to bring those babies into the world and hear them cry”, he says. Fraser recalls his most unusual, and memorable, case to come through during a shift at AES – a pregnant dog in a tricky situation. It’s not uncommon to have an increase in appetite when pregnant and growing little cherubs, but this poor expecting mother had accidently eaten a towel. She was well taken care of as the team carefully removed it without disturbing the little pups nestled in her belly. 

We asked Fraser about the funniest thing that had happened to him on a shift at AES: “Getting covered in the diarrhoea of the dog you are examining or palpating its abdomen”. This situation may be hilarious for those watching, but certainly not for Fraser himself!

Is there an activity/somewhere local to you that you love taking your pet/s? If so tell us about it.

Taking the dog down to the Kedron Brook to the dog free area – I love seeing them run around freely.


What do you do for fun outside of work?

Touch football, sporting events and social events with the work mates during the week.  And golf, haha so much golf!!


Tell us about why you like working for AES, and how you think we offer the best care for our patients.

The facilities, support and training would have to be one of the best in Australia for emergency medicine.