Dr Gareth Moffitt

BVSc (Hons)


Growing up in South Africa and going on safaris most school holidays, Dr Gareth’s interest in nature and his fascination with animals blossomed at a very young age. Being a vet seemed like the perfect career to help animals in a direct and hands on way. After graduating Gareth quickly found himself in emergency medicine, securing a job at a 24-hour animal hospital. This experience gave him great exposure to emergency cases, and he found helping animals when they most needed it was not only rewarding, but also addictive.

We asked Gareth about his most memorable or unusual case to come through doors during one of his shifts. “Buddy, a lovely Golden Retriever who had never been sick a day in his life, was just completely flat and vomiting when his owners got home from work. He came into AES that evening and fortunately we were able to diagnose him with an obstruction on ultrasound and take him to surgery that evening. It turns out Buddy had swallowed a rock and it had got lodged in his small intestine! We were able to surgically remove it and he bounced back really quickly. The next day he was back to his normal self and his owners were thrilled to get him home.”

While it’s hard to narrow down the most thrilling case he’s ever worked on, there is certainly one case that stands out in Gareth’s memory: “Enzo was a Boxer who was brought into the hospital after he went missing in the bushes and came out with a massive degloving injury of the skin across his back. We were able to stitch him back together after spending about 5 hours in surgery but unfortunately his bad luck did not stop there and his stomach twisted in hospital the next day. He needed major abdominal surgery to untwist his stomach and a great deal of ongoing care to manage his degloving injury. He was the most affectionate dog and the love and commitment of his owners is what allowed us to treat him for his conditions.”

Outside of work, Gareth is a self- proclaimed ‘crazy cat dad’ to two furry homebodies, but this doesn’t stop him from getting outside as much as he can – he especially loves playing golf and catching up with mates.

What would you say to an inspiring vet?

All the best vets I know are great clinicians, but their most important quality is their ability to connect with owners and understand how important their pets are in their lives.


Tell us about why you like working for AES, and how you think we offer the best care for our patients.

What drew me to AES was their reputation for providing a truly gold standard approach to patient care. Having the ability and resources to provide patients with the best care possible when they most need it is a great feeling.

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on a shift?

Catching an unexpected puppy as the mum was getting an ultrasound.