Lee Imperatice Animal Emergency service

Lee Imperatrice

Certificate 4 in veterinary nursing

Nurse Coordinator

Lee has had a passion for animals for as long as she can remember. She pursued her passion at 17 years old by landing a job in a general practice clinic on the west side of Brisbane as a kennel hand. It wasn’t just “kittens and puppies all day” like she thought, but it was exactly where she wanted to be – working and caring for animals.

From here she embarked on her journey to becoming a certified veterinary nurse. Firstly, she completed her Certificate II in Animal Studies and later continued on to do her Certificate IV in veterinary nursing with no intentions of stopping her educational journey – striving to continue her path of learning in the field of veterinary nursing.

When asked why Animal Emergency Service was her choice, her answer was simple:

I wanted to work for AES because I loved the idea of critical care and nursing intensive patients. But that wasn’t all -I wanted the chance to be apart of something greater, and AES provides constant opportunities to learn and provide the support to ensure the best care for patients is able to be provided.

The choice to become an emergency veterinary nurse felt natural, I really get to stand alongside those pets as their advocates, helping them through their darkest hours. It is witnessing first hand those ‘patient wins’ that really make the long difficult shifts feel worthwhile. I can go home every day knowing I was able to make a difference in not only the pets lives, but also help a beloved pet return to their owner.